Springville High School Football Schedule

It’s that time again, when the wind starts to turn crisp, the leaves start to change to a beautiful hue of yellow and orange, and the local high school kids play with the pigskin on the grid iron. It’s football season!

Do you want to support your local sports? Then head on out to the games at the Springville High School. Tickets are $20 per family, and if you wait till half-time, you’ll get in for free!

Check out the schedule here:

Springville High School Football Schedule

Looking for a job with Springville City Government?

Are you looking to work with the Springville City Government? Right now there are five jobs just waiting to be filled:

Lifegaurd, Official Umpire, Police Officer, Seasonal Park Maintenance Worker, and a Water Meter Reader. To fill out an application for these jobs, visit the the Job Board for Springville:


What if you’re just looking to volunteer? There are positions for that, too! Check out these great positions:

Building and Grounds Work, Public Works, Police and Fire Department, Power Department, Volunteer at the local Museum, Art City Days, and the Library. To get started, visit the city website and fill out a form to send them your information. They’ll be in touch:



Illegal yard sale in Springville with officer Dave Bernal

Having a yard sale in Springville, Utah can cost you. It is illegal in the city of Springville to have a yard sale, and to post signs about that yard sale, in Springville without the written permission of the city government. The fine is $299, and you will be summoned before a judge to pay the fine.

In this video, Dave Bernal approaches a citizen of Springville, Utah to issue a citation for an illegal yard sale. Both the yard sale and the yard sale sign were illegal. Officer Bernal issued the citation after the citizen requests that his attorney be present.

Officer Bernal tells the citizen to sign the citation or have the police come to have him sign it. Having a yard sale in Springville without written permission from the city may get Dave Bernal at your door issuing you a citation, which is a fine for $299 and you must come before a judge. You can reach officer Bernal at his office where he works for the Springville City Government in Utah at the following number and email:
Officer Dave Bernal
(801) 489-2714

To obtain your written permission to have a yard sale, visit the city website: http://www.springville.org/yard-sale-listings/

At the old ball game: Friday baseball for the kids at Springville High School


Springville-baseball-5Friday Night,

August 12, 2013
5:30 PM

The Sophomore Baseball game was a hit.

My family and I really enjoyed watching the Springville team vs. the Mapleton team, even if it was just a friendly game of pitch and catch on the nice green grass.

It was a great game. My kids really enjoyed watching the baseball players.

Springville’s Sophmore team took on the Mapleton Mountain team Friday night at 5:30 p.m.

The baseball field was on such a beautiful backdrop with the grand Wasatch Mountains in the background, which made for an epic scene every time a player stepped on the field, as though these majestic mountains were watching the game, too.

We stayed for over an hour watching these students play their hearts out on the field. My young boys were enthralled by the hard work and dedication these young men had, and I can’t help but think they looked up to them in awe at what these baseball players could do.

The funniest part in last night’s baseball game of the Springville Devils baseball team vs. the Mapleton Mountain team was during the 6th inning when the young women up in the press box booth forgot to turn off the music, which they play in between innings to entertain the crowd. The umpire stood there looking up at them waiting for them to turn it off so they could start the game, but they didn’t turn it off, because they were enjoying the music too much. Good music can do that to you.

If you’re looking for a fun evening out with the family, why not head out to these baseball games played by the JV and Sophomores of Springville High School. I would love to watch the Varsity team play, but seeing as I work until 5 everyday, it’s just not possible for me to get off in time to catch that game, but these other teams are just great to watch.

If you’re interested in attending a game at Springville High School baseball field, here is the schedule:

Springville vs. Mapleton

BYU Football 2013 schedule

1 (2)
August-31Charlottesville, VirginiaVirginia Cavaliers
September-7Provo, UtahTexas Longhorns
September-21Provo, UtahUtah Utes
September-27Provo, UtahMiddle Tennessee State
October-4Logan, UtahUtah State Aggies
October-12Provo, UtahGeorgia Tech Yellow Jackets
October-19Houston, TexasHouston Cougars
October-26Provo, UtahBoise State Broncos
November-9Madison, WisconsinWisconsin Badgers
November-16Provo, Utah
Idaho State Bengals
November-23South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame Fighting Irish
November-30Reno, NevadaNevada Wolf Pack
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